June 22, 2009

{88 degrees in the House}

Today I came home from work and found that our house reached 88 degrees! Jon ended up after work picked up a A/C window unit. Hopefully that will help!

June 21, 2009

{More Camping Pictures}

More camping pictures...

{Camping in Utica, IL}

This past week we went to Utica, IL to go to Starved Rock. It was fun up until the 60-70 mph winds that ripped our canapy and tent apart! We ended up leaving 2 nights early since we got so scared from what we thought was a microburst! So when we got home we ended up finishing our camping trip in the garage...

June 14, 2009

{Rt. 66 Speedway}

Our friend Kenny got us tickets to Rt. 66 today. We got to sit in a suite! We ordered food and drinks and were also got to go on the rooftop to watch over the track. It was so much fun. Maybe next year we could get one for NHRA.

{The Boys}

The boys were really tired yesterday!

{Sycamore Speedway}

We went to Sycamore Speedway to see Jon race. I forgot to take a photo of him actually racing but there is always next time!

June 13, 2009

{Jon mowing the lawn}

The other day Jon was mowing are yard!

June 9, 2009


Yesterday Jon and I noticed that we have mushrooms growing in our yard!!! Oh no! I will have to pick them and throw them away.

{NHRA Drag Tires}

I forgot to say that we ended up getting a drag tire from on of the drivers for FREE. It was tough trying to get it into my car but it worked! Not sure where were are going to put it but it a nice souvenir from the track!

{My New Signature}

Today I made my own signature. Lets see how this works!


June 8, 2009


On Sunday we went to see the NHRA Finals at RT. 66. It was so much fun!

{Sycamore Speedway}

On Saturday Jon raced at Sycamore Speedway and the first time he raced he got second place! the last race Jon got FIRST!!! He got 2 trophies!

June 2, 2009

June 1, 2009

{Containter Gardens}

I have a new hobby of containter gardens. Here are some that I have put together.

{The boys in the Hot Sun}

Yesterday was really hot in our backyard and the boys were dying.

{Our Backyard #2}

I keep forgetting to put these photos up for our backyard. My dad, mom and I planted all the bushes etc. one weekend. The backyard looks get and the boys even like it. Ok I did put them up but here are more...