August 19, 2009



Here are some photos of the bad storm headed our way...

August 18, 2009

{Butterfly Bushes}

This weekend I went to the Flee Market again to order some Butterfly Bushes. On Sunday i will be able to pick them up and plant them next to the house.

{Digital Scrapbooking}

August 16, 2009

{New Flowers}

This weekend i put in some new flowers in my garden.

August 12, 2009

{Meatball Sandwiches}

Last night i made meatball sandwiches that were very yummy! I used the reciepe from Kraft Foods to make the parmesan meatballs and then used a jar of ready made tomato sause. they turned out great!

Easy Baked Parmesan Meatballs recipe at

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Online Recipe Community - Share Recipes -

I found a magazine in the grocery store the other day by Better Homes and Gardens called Mixing They had great receipes in that magazine and if you are like me you will love this one since it has photos for every receipe!

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{The Boys}

Just some photos of the Boys!


I thought our walls looked like they needed color. I decided to get some curtians. I found these at Target. i think they look great. make it more homey.

{The Finished Product}

Last night our neighbor came over with the stickers to put on the bag boards. they turned out awesome!

August 3, 2009

{Dirt Track Wins}

Jon have won 2 second place wins and 1 first place win. He's getting better each time he races!

{Bag Board Set}

Over the weekend I bought a bag board set. Jon painted it so one board would be Harley Davidson and the other board would be Miller Lite. we have bags that are the same. Here are some of the pictures of the start of the paint job.

{Japanense Beetles}

Last Month we had an infestation of Japanese Beetles in our back yard. Here is what they look like. They scared me alot when i was spraying all of our plants. These bugs usually appear in July and then they mate which then creates grubs. So make sure to use Grub-X this week!

{This weekend}

Yeserday on Sunday I planted Big Leaf Hydrengas and Quick Fire Hydregenas in my garden. They look Beautiful! The quick fire should look like this one.