{Pruning Rose Bushes:}

Tips for Pruning your rose bushes:

1. Always prune dead wood back to healthy tissue. You will recognize the living tissue by its green bark and white pith core.
2. After you make each cut, cover it with a drop of white glue to ensure quick recovery, as well as provide protection against cane borers.
3. Prune to ensure the center of the bush is open for maximum air circulation.
4. Remove all growth on the main canes that is not capable of sustaining a reasonably thick stem on its own.
5. If suckers -- growths from the root structure that sprout from below the bud union -- are present, remove them as close to the main root cane as possible.
6. Remove woody old canes; saw them off as close to the bud union as you can get.
7. After you have completed pruning your rose bush, remove any remaining foliage from the canes and clean up debris from around the bush. Discard all foliage (do not use it in the compost heap).