{Boys in the Boat:}


{Isis' last day:}

{Jon's photography Part 2:}

{Jon's photography:}

{The puppies:}


{brew pub pork chops:}


{Jon and I:}


{My Bread:}

{Jon's new project:}

{Jon and I:}

{Isis at the front door:}

{Dog Sitting:}

{The Simplest White Bread Ever}

{May 16th:}

{May 15:}

{Pozniak Family Photo:}


{Hank & Isis:}

{The boys and Grandpa:}

{May 8th:}

{May 6th:}

{My Boys:}

{Taco Tuesday:}

{Jon working on his bike:}

{Fence for my Garden:}

{Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/ Apricot Sauce:}