July 26, 2010

{Over the weekend:}

Over ther weekend Jon and I went up to see one of our good friends Christina and Jeff. It was a blast. Jeff and I are now in a war of who can cook the best. I think he wins hands down! Our dinner was awesome. We ended up bring the pups with us to make sure that everyone gets along on our camping trip in August. They were great with each other. Hank now has a playmate to run around with while Shooter can just relax. Cannot wait to see them again. Wish we did not leave so far from them... Here are some of the photos that I took while we were at thier house...
The Gang...
The MANY poo bags!
The pups
Jon hamming in the stakes he made and breaking one of the bricks

July 21, 2010

{The Backyard:}

Jon Took a photo of the night sky. Turned out pretty cool!
We had to put an old T-Shirt to hold up our watermelons so that they would not fall off. 
Jon and I 

Watering the lawn!

{Green Peppers:}

We have some green peppers starting to grow!

{The weekend:}

Over the weekend Jon and I went up north to visit our family. Right now when we head up on the highway there is construction going on even though this highway was just worked on last year. I remember when I was traveling to work and construction was going on it would take forever to get anywhere but I was lucky that I was going in the opposite direction so I was not in too many traffic jams...

After visiting with our families we went to Cabela's in Hoffman Estates to use our gift cards that we received for Christmas. We were looking to get myself a new reel and rod for fishing. We picked out a great one but did not realize until we got home that it was the wrong one. Jon did not want to drive back that night to return it and get the correct one so we decided to just keep that one since Jon needed a new reel as well. Jon could not get over the yellow color of the reel. He kept saying that it was a good reel beside the color. I think that he got over the color since he got himself a new reel.

July 18, 2010

{Green Beans and the boys:}

 Last night Jon and I were cooking meals for his dad. Jon cooked a whole bag of frozen burgers and I made my venison chili. All this happened at 9pm after fishing.  I could not believe that I forgot my memory card for my camera when we were out fishing. Silly me! Also, Last night we picked our first cucumber. I think that I am going to try and make pickles out of them once we try this first one. We are going to have so many cucumbers that I will have to end up giving alot of them away.

I had a couple of green beans on the counter and wanted to see if Shooter and Hank would like them. They were so funny when they were eating them. Hank did not know what to do and thought Shooter was going to steal his everytime so he was keeping a eye on Shooter. Shooter ripped the green bean apart but did not eat it at all. Just left everything on the rug after he was finished with it.

July 17, 2010


Jon and I went fishing tonight but when I went to use my camera I forgot my memory card at home. So I took a photo with my camera phone instead. Only caught 2 small bass.

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July 16, 2010

{Corn Dogs:}

Tonight Jon and I will be making corn dogs for dinner. I found this recipe in The Food Network Magazine and it looked very simple to make.

Here is the Recipe below:

Corn Dogs
By: The Food Network


Mix 1/2 cup each flour and cornmeal, 1 teaspoon baking powder and a pinch each of sugar, salt and dry mustard. Whisk in 1/2 cupmilk and 1 egg. Insert sticks into hot dogs, dredge in flour, then dip in the batter; deep-fry in 365 degree F vegetable oil until golden.

Here are some more tasty ideas that you can do with hotdogs:

July 15, 2010

{The Boat:}

Our boat is peeling!

{July 15th:}

Tonight Jon worked on his bike since there was a problem with it. I guess there was a bolt that snapped off and was stuck in the frame. I think he got it out but not sure since I was on the phone with my mom checking on how my dad is doing. Recently over the weekend when we were on vacation he came down with a cause of the shingles. My mom and I thought that you only got shingles if you did not get chicken pox’s when you were younger but that is the total opposite. My dad is feeling a little worse than normal but I hope he pulls through and the medication is helping.
We received some good news about Jon's dad over the weekend. For once it is nice to hear that someone is doing good! When I came home the boys who were so happy to see me and it made my day like it does everyday. Tonight was Jon’s night to cook and we have steak fajitas. They were very tasty!
After dinner I started to weed since everything must have sprouted when we were on vacation. There were so many weeds in the backyard! Jon ended up helping me which made it go a lot faster. Now we are watching T.V. and relaxing waiting for the weekend to start. I think that Jon and I already need another vacation.

July 12, 2010

{Green Beans:}

Yesterday i picked some of the green beans that are in our garden. We are going to have them tonight with our philly cheese steaks! Yummy!

{Shooter being Silly:}


My cucumber plants are starting to grow!!! they are very tiny and I cannot find the last one that I did find but I think that this plant is taking over EVERYTHING!


Jon and I noticed that our watermelons have started to grow. Hopefully they will not knock down the supports that they are on! The biggest watermelon is about 2-3 inchs. 

July 11, 2010


Today we had some friends over for lunch...

Hank and Shooter are still exhausted from our vacation.

{Veggie Garden:}

When we came back from our vacation we notice that our veggie garden had doubled in size...

{The Boys Swimming:}

On Vacation we rented a pantoon boat and took Shooter and Hank out on it. They had a blast and even Hank learned how to swim!
Hank was very cold once he got out of the water swimming.

July 10, 2010


When on vacation we were going to go hiking but this is as far as we got...the visitor's sign.
I did find this cute stepping stone...

{Hank and Shooter:}

On our car ride up North I found the pups like this...

{Wisconsin Dells Speedway:}

On Vacation Jon and I went to Wisconsin Dells Raceway. 
They also had a fireworks display after the race


Our Garden
Pork Chops, Baked potato and Corn on the cob
Jon starting a fire