November 26, 2010

::Thanksgiving 2010::

This year Jon and I went to his sister's house for Thanksgiving. I made a glazed maple syrup spice cake for dessert. (I hope everyone liked it...) It was a great time catching up with family. Then we went to see Jon's dad to drop off left overs for him. Now today we have our last Thanksgiving feast at my aunt's house.

::Change is good::

On Wednesday of this week Jon and I decided to re-arrange the living room. We basically flip flopped the room. When Jon went to hook the cable back in it did work... Of course just our luck. It finally works now since we had a cable guy come out. But it was a really simple thing of changing the connector outside... but at least we know if we decided to change the room back what to do now. Now we need to either take down the photos that are on the wall and put them above the couch or hang them higher. I think either one would work well but now the wall with the couch looks bare. We will see.

November 14, 2010

::Sleeping Beauties::


This morning we went hunting. It did not start off good at all. We just left the house around 5:30 am and down the street a deer ran in front of my car and we almost hit it. Glad we didn't since my car would have been totaled.

It was a long day out in the field and we did not get ANYTHING. The dogs were not on deer so that is a plus. At one point when we were walking and following Shooter's baying we heard Hank behind us baying up a storm. We finally realized what he was tracking and it was US. I could not believe it. Maybe we should teach him more of that.

Hank and Shooter had thorns in their pads of their paws. I still need to get out 2 more from Hank but he is sleeping right now so I do not want to disturb him... Here is a photo that I took when we were out in the woods with my phone.

::The Weekend::

On Friday we had Jon's brother Danny over and our neighbors. It was a great time. Here are some photos from our get together.

November 6, 2010

{Still Cleaning:}

I just went through ALL my high school art work and all I have to say is that there was too much! But now I have kept what I wanted and the rest in getting thrown away. Most of it was photo prints that I printed out. I have the negatives so if i need to print them again I can. Shooter and Hank were trying to help but they had to take a little nap since it was too much work for them.

{Rototiller for sale:}

Anyone in need a of a rototiller? Email me if anyone is interested in it:


Well it is time to clean out this area... Wish me luck! Might have some things that I might be getting rid of. I will keep everyone posted just in case anyone wants it before I throw anything away!