This morning we went hunting. It did not start off good at all. We just left the house around 5:30 am and down the street a deer ran in front of my car and we almost hit it. Glad we didn't since my car would have been totaled.

It was a long day out in the field and we did not get ANYTHING. The dogs were not on deer so that is a plus. At one point when we were walking and following Shooter's baying we heard Hank behind us baying up a storm. We finally realized what he was tracking and it was US. I could not believe it. Maybe we should teach him more of that.

Hank and Shooter had thorns in their pads of their paws. I still need to get out 2 more from Hank but he is sleeping right now so I do not want to disturb him... Here is a photo that I took when we were out in the woods with my phone.