December Daily: 1

I found this great project by Ali Edwards called December Daily. Last year my Mom and I did a similar project called Holiday In Hands but I did not finish it. I made all the pages in advance last year but kind of strayed away from the project at the end.  I am very determined to this year to actually finish this project and have a great digital album from the holidays.

I created a template for this project so that I can just plug in all the papers, ribbons, photos, etc. I thought that the HIH template that we used last year was a good idea. So tonight I played around and figured out a way that I could make my own. It took me awhile to accomplish this one but I think that it turned out alright. Now I just need to keep on top of it everyday and make a page. Maybe tonight I will finish more pages so that all that I will need to do is add the photos but I am pretty tired.