December Daily: 13

Tonight we ended up cleaning the hallway with the carpet cleaner. Jon’s sister let us borrow hers for the week to clean our carpets. They need it bad from the dogs and just the dirt. It needs a good cleaning. I think that I am going to end up buying one of these and get rid of the Botspot that we have now. I took this photo of Shooter last night but I was experimenting and trying to do a bokeh photo. It did not turn out like i wanted it to since my aperture did not do low enough. But you get the point... Well now off to do round tow of Christmas cards while Jon finishes up cleaning the living room. Oh and tonight we had ground sausage taco's. it was ok I think that I need to have them again to see if I really like them. All I can say is that is was spicier than I thought it would be.