December Daily: 22

I am skipping day twenty first due to it was a horrible day for me and I am picking back up with day twenty second. One thing that happened to me yesterday was that I fell down at work on the sidewalk that was not salted. I fell on my wrist, so that is sore as is my whole right side of my body. I was glad that I did not break a bone this time! That was the start of my horrible day and it just got worse so I will spare everyone. I am ready for 2011 to start already. Too many things have happened to our families or friends this year. I am hoping for a better year in 2011.

So today was better. Jon and I had leftovers of baked mostacolli. We finished wrapping up some of the food gift tonight as well. I think that we have enough to give each person or couple a gift bag of all the treats that I made this year... Jon is working on this bike right now as I finish this page. I also made my calendars that I make every year for the grandma’s of the boys. They turned out cute. Last year was a little easier with the calendars I made but hopefully these are just as cute. Also, I do not think that I am finished shopping for everyone on my list. I am certain that I have forgotten about someone... Hopefully not! Hope everyone is having a great week! 3 more days until Christmas!!!!