December Daily: 25

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! I hope everyone had a great Christmas as Jon, I and the boys did. Today we went to my parents house to exchange gifts. I got this great cleaner that I have been searching high and low for and could never find. My Mom was able to find one for me and here I am cleaning my floors at 11:30 at night. Then we went to Babcia’s house (Grandma in Polish). It was great to see all of my family since I have not seen them in a long time since half of them live in another state. My cousin’s ended up giving Jon and I Snuggies that were in camo even for the dogs!!!  Also, My Aunt gave Shooter and Hank these cute bandana’s! The boys love them or maybe I just do. After dinner Jon and I headed over to his Aunt’s house to see his side of the family again. I think even though Jon and I travel so much this year it was worth it! Love our families! Now off to bed soon so that Jon, I and the boys can get some sleep before we go hunting tomorrow!