December Daily: 30

Yesterday was a big day for our website! It had over 7,000 page views. I cannot believe it. I think that is is from the project that I was doing with Ali Edwards of December Daily’s but I was shocked. I believe in 1 month there was about 4,000 total page views of my website. Yippee!

The project was fun and it made me realize that I enjoy having a page to do every night. It keeps me on my toes. I think that I will continue to do Daily photo/scrapbook page every day. So here is the first one. Not sure if I should use this or if I should just use my template to keep everything the same. Maybe I will switch it around just to see which one I like better.

Today was a warm one. I think that it got up to 40 degrees. All the snow started to melt and there is hardly anything left. I got off early from work today, since our company let us out early. I came home and ended up cleaning backyard. I did not finish at all. I think that I got 3/4 of the yard finished. Hopefully it will be warmer tomorrow so that I can pick up the rest. Tonight should be a quite night. Jon has to still work tomorrow while I am off. What should I do? I think that I will clean the house since we have a busy weekend. Hope everyone has a great New Year! I am counting on that it will be a better year than 2010.