December Daily: 31

Today was a busy day for me. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. It was so much fun. Not... Anywho. It has been raining here ALL day so far and there was a short period of time when the sun came out. But its gone now and it's just pouring. I gave Shooter and Hank a bath today. That was about an hour and half of my time. I had to take this photo of Shooter trying to get the almond shampoo smell off of him by rolling around on the carpet. He was too cute! Hank just wanted to play with Shooter once he was done with his bath. I am soaked from both them trying to get out of the tub every two seconds. Now I just need to dry off as well.  Now that they are all clean I bet they will find something in the backyard to roll around in just so they don't smell nice anymore... Silly puppies!

I also made these cute Phyllo Cups with Brie, Preserves, and Pecans. I found these on a blog called Cafe Johnsonia. I thought that these would be a good appetizer for tonight. These phyllo cups are so easy to make it took me no time to make them. If they look anything like they taste I think that I am in heaven. I even think that Jon will like them as well. Wait who am I kidding he is going to LOVE them. Well I have to get back to cleaning. I hope everyone has a great New Year's Eve tonight!