December Daily: 9

Here are the last 3 Christmas' Cards that we have sent out over the years. The first one in 2008 i had them done by Walgreens. Then in 2009 I was taking a class and i made my own. So of course this year I had to make them again... It turned out nice. Jon said that there was SO many photos of us this year. I think that it is ok. Now all I have to do is print them and send them this weekend. I have the address' all ready to go so I just need to go to Office Depot and get labels to print on and envelopes and they will be in the mail! I was hoping to get them out December first but that did not work out so well but to be only 11 days behind not bad! We have only received 3 Christmas Cards so far so I think that the majority will come next week!