December 25, 2011

Spending time with the Family

What a busy holiday Jon and I had. Here are some of the photos that I took over the Holiday. We made tons of great baked goodies for our families. We went to two different Christmas Eve parties and then went to my mom's for Christmas as well. It was weird not walking up on Christmas to snow. We still have not received any snow this year. Weather was been cold and warm some days. It feels like it is fall instead of winter. Hanks wounds have completely healed up and now his hair is growing back in the spots that the vet had shaved. Yeah for Hank. They were so good at Christmas with all the people there. We were all exhausted after the first day of celebrating the holidays. 

Jon has started working again on their bike. He had it almost finished but then did not like the work he did before so he tore it apart again to re do it. Earlier in the week Jon and I both felt like we were getting sick so I wanted to make soup for us to try and get us to feel better. I think it helped since we only felt bad for one day. I started to shoot in RAW for my food photography. I told Jon that night when I saw the difference in quality "what was I thinking before.." I am trying to improve my photos each time I take a new photo. Well off to write another post. Hope everyone had a great Holiday week!
Till next week...

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
 From our Family to yours.

December 18, 2011

A Difficult Week

This will be the first Christmas with out my Dad. It is even harder since he turned 61 on the 15th. I really miss him and I know that he had helped the boys come back to us when we lost them in Arkansas. I try not to think of how hard it is with out him but somedays it is just too hard. Jon and I have been busy baking Christmas goodies as well. I think that keeps my mind off of losing my Dad when I cook. 

We had Christmas early with Jon's Dad and other family members. Jon and I made venison chili for dinner. Hank and Shooter where so silly this week. They both wanted a ton of attention. Which I was more that happy to give. Even Hank got into the Christmas spirt by eating Christmas ornaments. Never fails for him to get some even though I think each year I put them higher and higher. While Jon was off from work he called me to tell me that Hank ended up eating a candy cane that I had on the tree. Silly puppy. 

We had our first snow fall of the season. It is weird that we have not had anymore snow. I really hope that it is a white Christmas. We ended up getting one of our Christmas presents early in the mail. We got a...... deep cleaner. I know really exciting but I guess those are the things that you look forward to when you get older. Jon and I tested it out and I was shocked on how well it worked. I love it. We finished cleaning up the living room and I think that we need to clean upstairs as well. 

We got out all of our Christmas cards on time I think. We sent out about 80-90 of them in the mail. I sent them to everyone that knew us since after losing the boys and we got them back that everyone would want to see them. Jon helped by licking most of the envelopes since I was not too good at it. Well I am exhausted from our two Christmas Parties today. Time to go to bed. Hope everyone had a great Christmas Eve and Christmas! Till next week...

December 11, 2011

Looking Back...

It's been a hectic couple of weeks. I wanted to post some of the photos that I had taken before we left for vacation. Things are getting back to normal around our household which I am thankful for. Shooter and Hank are gaining weight each day. I can no longer see Hank's ribs anymore. Most of his scabs have falling off and we are just waiting for his hair to grow back in from where the vet had shaved him.  I am getting back into the swing of cooking again. That was one thing I missed while looking for the boys. Cooking always seems to ground me. 

Jon, I and our neighbors had gone to a Beer dinner at a local brewery by our house. At first when I read the menu I was not really happy what they were going to serve. Seafood is not my favorite and that is what they were serving. Tuna and Mussels... I ended up trying everything and I found out that I actually like tuna. Not tuna from the can but fresh tuna is so yummy. The mussels were next and I had one and that was it for me. Too chewy for me. It was a great dinner and we have planned on going to another one the next month. 

I got my Christmas card photos set and ready to be printed. It took me awhile to get the boys to work with me but they were champs with what I put them through. Hank must be feeling better since he has got at least 3 ornaments so far from the tree. Jon told me on his day off that Hank even ate a candy cane as well. At work we ended up having Ugly Sweater contest. It was really fun to see all the sweaters that everyone wore. We also made stockings for our pod. Well time to spend time with Hubby and the boys. Till next week....

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