January Daily: 10

This morning I woke up a half an hour late. I thought that would only lead to a bad day but it did not. I was surprised. I just wanted to keep sleeping this morning. I was able to take a shower and get ready all in 20 minutes. So I was not really late to work. I was on time since I really do not start until  8 am but I like to get there around 7:30 am just incase when I get home for lunch that I have extra time to clean a mess up if there is one.

We had leftovers for dinner tonight. Jon is once again in the garage working on the bike. I was going to clean out the pantry but once I got in there I got overwhelmed and put everything back so that I can work on it another day. I need to get it done soon just to make sure nothing has spoiled etc.

Here is Hank sniffing his shelf that I keep the boys treats. Shooter is lower in the photo looking at me but I guess that got cropped out. It was cute.