January Daily: 12

Tonight was a busy night for me. I made pulled pork baked potatoes for dinner. It was good; different but good.

Then I headed up stairs to once again try and start me website to sell my photos. This time I put a watermark in the photo so that it would be harder for people to steal or try to get out. I hope that works. Not sure yet but I still have to figure some thing out on it. If anyone knows anything about how to add in the HTML for people not to be able to right click or download I would love to know. I kept searching on the web and nothing really stood out to me or worked so just curious if anyone has that on their website.

So here is the final product so far: http://npozniakphotography.blogspot.com/. Still not sure. I had this a couple of months ago and then learned that people can steal my photos so then I took the website down until I could figure something out. Hopefully this works. I think it should and the website that I am working with to sell my photos is Fotomoto. They print and mail the photos to the customers. I thought of making an Esty account but I would have to pay way too much in supplies to print and send. We will see how this goes. Wish me luck!