January Daily: 28

Today went by fast at work. It was so busy that I forgot to take out chicken to thaw for dinner tonight. We should have had Orange Chicken Rice Bowl. Oh well!

Thank you to my sister-in-law who made Jon and I some meals. Wish we had a microwave to heat it up but and hour in the oven at 450 did the trick. It was tasty! I think this was the first time I had spaghetti pie before. I might have to make this one again.

Jon told me that our quarter of a cow is ready to pick up. I am so excited to have ground beef again. Last years cow lasted us just about a year. We had many different cuts on our quarter last year that I am happy just to have mostly ground beef this year. So Sunday is the day to get all of our ground beef. I am hoping that it will all fit into the freezer.

Also, 2 of the puppies from his Uncle's litter has passed away. I guess his dog Zip was not producing enough milk when people were around. So sad. I hope the other 2 are stronger. Well enough said almost time for bed. So glad the weekend is here!