January Daily: 29

Today I got up at 7 am to start cleaning the house. I got a lot done this morning. I replanted some of the plants that I got from my Dad's service. Last night when I was reading one of the books that my Dad gave me I found a note from him explaining somethings about gardening. It brought a tear to my eye since it was from him.

This afternoon I went to Ikea and got this great corner unit for only $40.  I put all the plants on there and it fits perfect in that corner. Now I just have to hope that there is enough light in that corner for the plants. If not I have another place that I can put the unit. I told Jon that we will have to get another on of these to put in the living room since we have a lonely corner with nothing in it.

Now just relaxing waiting for hubby to come home. The boys are sleeping on their tuff. I think that I am going to eat some lunch now. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.