January Daily: 3

Back to to daily grind of work. It was nice having a 3 day weekend. It was so busy today at work that it flew by which is a good thing. I was about to head home from work when my co-worker called and she had a flat tire in the parking lot. I was a little help but I called my boss since he had not left work yet to come and help us out. It was a team building exercise... I was happy that he was able to fix it for her so she could go and pick her daughter up. When I got home the boys were so happy to see me. I love coming home to that. I made French Bread pizza out of the second loaf that I made from Sunday. We used some leftover ham from Christmas that I froze and a green pepper. They turned out really good. Now Jon has something to eat for lunch tomorrow. 

Also, When I was preparing dinner Jon pulled out his Brie Cheese and French bread. I had to get a photo of this. I could not believe how much Brie he put on the bread. Someone really loves his cheese. 

After dinner Jon and I headed over to Wal-Mart to go grocery shopping. It was fun and fast. I think that I might have to go with him more often. Jon will not like that but it really helps me out. I was able to stay on my budget that is between $30-$50 bucks a week on groceries. I even planned out a whole months worth of recipes to see if that also helps save me money. This week I only spent $56.00 on groceries. Not bad since I was spending last year around $100-$150. I think that it helps that this year we bought a cow and pig so we do not have to buy any meat when I am the store. Well time for bed.