January 31, 2011

January Daily: 31

Well the storm has officially started! We have a 2-3 day winter storm about to hit us. They are saying 8-12 inches. Jon and I went to Home Depot to see if they carried any Toro Belts for our snowblower. Of course they didn't. Then we headed over to Menard's to see if they had them and they didn't either. Jon says he is going to stop by Ace Hardware after work tomorrow. But it might be too late. I guess we will see what happens. It was slightly hailing when we were walking to the car in the parking lot. Jon told me I was crazy and that it was snowing but I really think it was hailing...

Tonight we had Bacon and Baked Potato Soup. It was tasty. The soup was so hot that I think that I burned my taste buds... I should have waited a little bit for the soup to cool down but I was too excited. Hope the leftovers are just a good!