January Daily: 4

Tonight I came home to make Buffalo Chicken Mac for dinner. This is a new favorite of Jon's. It is a little to HOT for me but it is still good. My mouth was on fire for about 5 minutes after I finished dinner. Oh well at least Jon has something to eat that is good for lunch tomorrow.

Before I got home from work I stopped at Target to see if they had some earphones for me since my other ones broke. I found this cute Herb Kit that was on sale from $24.00 to $7.00. I could not pass up the deal. I have tried to grow herbs before and they never really turned out too well so here I am trying again. I think that is why I buy them on sale since I sometimes kill the plants. So we will see how this ends up. I really want to use the herbs when I cook. I found another Herb Kit at Target that was a dollar more that looked like a green house but I thought that this one would be better since the herbs would be able to grow higher than the one that was in the Greenhouse.

After dinner I planted the seeds while Jon washed the dishes. He is in the garage right now working on the motorcycle again. He needs to get the bike to his brother so he can start on the next step. Hopefully in the next week or two we will not have three motorcycles in the garage anymore. Not that I mind but we have to make room for the NEW garage bins that we will be receiving. I have no clue where we are going to put these but they have to go somewhere in the garage. We have too many things in the garage right now and I think we need to do a little winter cleaning...

When I was coming in to do this post the boys were just sitting like this and I could not pass up the photo opportunity! They looked so cute. It is almost 9pm and there is this new show that my neighbor said I would like on TLC called Extreme Couponing. So I have to watch it to see how to save even more money than I am right now! Well thank you for DVR's since I am missing the show right now due to writing this post. I just have so much to say today I guess. well I better go and watch my show now.