January Daily: 6

This afternoon I also went to the dentist up north. No cavities! YEAH!!! The only thing they did say was that I need to get my wisdom teeth pulled soon. I think that I have been putting them getting pulled for three or four years now. They do not bug me so I think that they are fine. Hopefully this spring I can finally get them pulled and be done with it. Traffic was some what bad heading home. Glad that Jon was there to keep me company in the car. 

Tonight Jon and I had leftover of Chicken Noodle Soup that I made last week. We also had a grill cheese sandwich with a salad. It was quite tasty. 
After dinner I decided that I should go through my emails from work and do a little work so that I am not crazy, crazy busy tomorrow. Shooter was helping me go through all the emails. Be was a big help... I feel like today is Friday but I have to remember that it is Thursday and that I have one more day of work until the weekend.

I went to see what Jon as up to in the garage and he was working on the motorcycle. I thought that this would be a neat piture to take of him grinding the pipes. Then Jon told me to turn the lights off and the photo turned out even better in the dark. Great thinking hunny! Well it is almost time for bed.