January Daily: 8

Today is the day! Shooter's fifth birthday! I cannot believe that he is five already. So happy birthday Shooter! I will have to make you some yummy treats with peanut butter in them... Oh boy!

Today was a very slow day. I did some cleaning but not enough. I did end up making 3 loafs of french bread. This time I think that they turned out even better than last time. Hopefully they are more crusty this time as well. They look like they will be but who knows.  I love baking. It is so easy. I really need to get a pan to make the French Bread but so far I am doing alright with just the cookie sheet.

Tonight we are having Meatloaf with Mashed potatoes and corn. This has been my favorite meal since I was a little kid. My mom's meatloaf is the best which I am still trying to make the same as her but one day I will get it.

Well it is almost time for Jon to come home from work so better get going. Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!