January Daily: 9

We had a slow start this morning. We ended up going up North to visit Jon's Dad and Cousin. Jon talked with his cousin to figure out what they still needed to do on the motorcycle that they are building together. It was fun but a long day.  When we came home I ended up cooking dinner right away.

We ended up going out for dinner last night to Chili's, so I did not end up making meatloaf at all. I did make it tonight and it was delish! I ended up putting 1/2 a pound of ground breakfast sausage in with the ground beef. I did not even taste the sausage at all. I guess which is a good thing since we only have 1 more pound of ground beef left in the freezer...

I thought that this was a cute photo to take. Hank and his toy basket. I think that it is about time to go through this and see which ones need to be tossed out since they are falling apart. Hank and Shooter got spoiled this year with toys. But the only problem is that Hank really got spoiled since he is the only one that plays with the toys. Wait I mean to say Hank steals the toys from Shooter saying that they are his. Well better relax and watch some TV before bedtime!