February Daily: 1

Work closed early today due to the snow storm that is about to hit us. The winds have picked up right now so I am unsure if it is snowing or just blowing around.

When I was coming home from work I decided to take a short cut but that ended up to be the wrong idea. I saw a whole bunch of cars that were parked in front of me and blocking the street. Then I realized that they were stuck in the snow drifts. I ended up doing a four point turn to get out of there since I had no clue where the curbs were on the street. Lucky that my truck has 4 wheel drive. Otherwise I would have been stuck like the other people. We will see how much is suppose to fall tonight. Not sure if the office will be open or not.

Here is one photo of what it looks like. Not too bad out. If it gets worse I will definitely be doing another post! Drive safe everyone...