February Daily: 11

Today when I came home for lunch I noticed that we had a package by the front door. It was from Jon's Mom! I had to wait to open it with Jon so I went back to work with anticipation of what was in the box. The rest of the day flew by at work. Many people were out sick today. Once I got off work I headed home to re-heat the chili that we were going to eat for dinner tonight. I got a lovely phone call from my sister-in-law and chatted with her for a bit. That was a nice surprise. Jon came home around his normal time from work. We finished getting our paperwork together since we had an appointment at H&R Block to file out taxes this year.

Jon opened the mystery box open and we found all types of candy, candles, a mug, mini flower pots, and a toy for the boys. The first photo shows them in front of their new toy. Shooter loves it but is crewing on the wrong part of the toy. He likes the hard plastic handle on it instead of the ball... Silly pup. I took a photo of our refrigerator since I need to go to the grocery store desperately. We hardly have anything in there right now. So off to Wal-Mart tomorrow morning to beat the crowds. This week since I did not follow my weekly menu I will have some of the same meals as I did for this week on next weeks. Oh well I guess that's alright. Now to figure out a "Grab My Button" code and how to set it up on my blog. Does anyone have any good hints to create a "Grab My Button" or even some great instructions? I cannot seem to find a good one that works when searching the web... Thanks in advance! Happy Friday Everyone!

Take a photo challenge too!