February Daily: 14

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
I hope everyone had a great one. Jon and I made Dinnertime Quesadillas for dinner tonight. They were surprisingly really good. I am usually a just a Cheese person but I thought I would try something new. I loved them!

For dessert I made Jon's favorite. Brownies. My mom had given me a smaller heart shaped cookie cutter that worked out perfect to make these heart-shaped brownies. I think Jon has had two of them already. I give it 2-3 days and the whole pan will be gone. This was my little valentine day gift to him.

Shooter and Hank say Happy Valentine's Day!
It took me while to just get a good photo of them. This never happens. They are usually so well behaved that I can just snap their photos easy. I think it is because most of the snow is melting in the backyard. All they was to do is go "Outside." I think since I have been home since 5:30pm that I have let them out more than 10 times. Well off to spend time with Hubby! Hope everyone had a great night!

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