February Daily: 15

About 2 weeks ago we got hit with really hard winter storm. I think that in Joliet that we received about 18-22 inches of snow. It was fun all of Will county was shut down and it was a snow day for the whole county. It was fun but at the same time wishing that spring or summer was here instead of winter. Over the last two weeks the snow has started to melt slowly. Here is a photo of our backyard with how much snow we got.

Now most of the snow has melted away and I can finally see the patio and grass again. Which means that I need to get out there and clean up after the dogs. Not happy but it has to be done. I think this week we are suppose to have warm weather until Saturday and then it drops back down into the 20's. I really want spring to come so that I can start gardening.

Tonight Jon and I had homemade pizza for dinner. He had someone coming over so that he could check out their truck as a side job. I am writing this post and doing laundry which is needed badly by both of us. I was thinking of my Dad tonight wishing he was still here with me. It's been a rough month for me trying to understand what really happened a month ago. I think about him everyday wishing that this was a bad dream and I'll wake up soon. I know he is here watching over me and guiding me. I miss you Dad and I love you so much! Ok, Well now I think it's time to finish the laundry and spend time with Jon. Happy Tuesday!