February Daily: 2

The storm is still going here in Illinois. I cannot believe how much snow there is. They are saying about 18 inches has falling where we live. I can believe it. Some of the snow drifts are almost 5 feet high by our house. All of Will County is closed. No one is going anywhere. Crazy!

I think I have taken over 200 photos of this storm since last night. I am in shock. The wind is blowing again so we will see how the drifts are tomorrow. Jon and I have been up since 6 am. He thought that he would have to go to work today but we could hardly get out of the driveway let alone into the street. Our streets have not been plowed since last night. So who knows when that is going to be plowed.

I wonder if work will be closed tomorrow as well? I have already heard that the schools are closed tomorrow. I can only hope. Well off to do some laundry and other stuff! Happy Snow Day everyone!