February Daily: 22

 Today was a busy one at work for me. At least it made the day fly by! Jon and I had Mini Burgers with Baked beans for dinner tonight. I used the rolls that I made over the weekend. I think that they look a lot better than the tasted. I was not a fan of my cooking tonight. I could have done better. Oh well. Another bad meal down the tummy! Hopefully I can figure something out for tomorrow that is a lot better. This is really hard just cooking with what you have on hand. I thought that I had a lot more things in the freezer or pantry than I really do have. 

For my snack at work right now I am eating chips and salsa. Well today I finally ran out of chips so I thought that I would make my own chips. Here is the recipe I used to make Baked Tortilla Chips. They turned out pretty good. I cannot wait to try them with salsa now. Jon thought they were crunchy not sure if that is a good or bad thing... He is out in the garage working on another motorcycle since we got the tubing this afternoon in the mail. Looks like we both will be occupied for the rest of the week.