February Daily: 27

Today Jon and I went to see his Uncle's puppies. There are two girls left and they are the sweetest things in the world! I loved seeing them this afternoon. Wish Jon and I could take one but I think that two beagles are enough and do not need a third one...

This little girl is so sweet. She is mostly white but has a little lemon/ light brown coming in now. I think I held her all day! I thought this was a cute photo of her sleeping. Not sure how she could breath with her nose in the couch but she managed.

I love this one. The coloring is perfect on her. She reminded me a lot of Shooter and how calm she was and just would lay in your arms all day if possible. She kept licking my nose and trying to bite it too! They are only 4 weeks old and remind me so much of the boys when they were little. I love puppies!

Jon is had a great Uncle! He has really taught me tons of how to live off the land and how to respect nature and it's animals. Even though we hunt he has always taught us that we need to eat the animal or use it in someway. I never grew up in a family that hunted but this has opened my eyes into a whole new world. I love living off the land as much as Jon and I can. Jon's Uncle was so nice and actually gave Jon his Bow to hunt with. It means a lot to Jon and I that he did that. I hope this opens up a whole new season for Jon to hunt and have the guidance from his Uncle to help him use this Bow to the fullest. Thank you Uncle Bill! We love you!

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