February Daily: 9

This morning I did not want to wake up and go to work. I was snuggled in bed with the boys and just did not want to get out. Today at work was busy which was good. I got a lot done. Jon got out of work early again today. I was not happy but that is ok. He desires it one in a while. I ended up making Fettuccine Alfredo tonight for dinner. I have not had time to go to the store so I will end up going on Saturday. I guess that is better since then I will have only spent $25.00 this month so far on groceries.
Dinner was fantastic. I did not realize that I had a of Alfredo Sauce which I used yesterday in the pizza already opened. I ended up making my own Alfredo Sauce from scratch. I guess it tasted better than the jar. Jon just laughed at me when I finally reminded myself that is was in the fridge. Oh well!

I wanted to make sugar cookies tonight so I put together the mix to make them and started to cut them out with a heart shaped cookies cutter. For some reason I do not think that I can make cookies for some reason. I have a hard time with them. I can make bread but not cookies? That is silly. I ended up dipping one side of the heart sugar cookie into milk chocolate. They look so good! I cannot wait to try one. Jon is busy playing one of his Wii games while I make this post. He's lucky he has the day off tomorrow!

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