March Daily: 20

Today Jon, I and the boys went up north to visit the families. It ended up raining most of the day. Shooter freaked out the whole time due to the thunder. I found this that I had planted last year is starting to grow. My mom and I were trying to figure out what kind of plant it is since I ended up getting this from a friend. I think we figured out that it was either Hens and Chicks or a Sedum. Still not sure which one. 

We also went and had dinner at Jon's mom's house to celebrate birthdays. It was great to see everyone and had a blast. We ended up watching the Pee Wee Herman Show. It was strange to watch that again. I think that he was on Broadway with this show but I am not sure. It was finny since I use to watch that show when I was younger and now to watch it again when I am older this show makes no sense to me know. Just brought back childhood memories. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I wish it was not over! Oh and Happy first day of Spring. Cannot wait to get in the garden and get my hands dirty.