March Daily: 24

Today Jon and I both had off. It was nice. We ended up sleeping in a little till 8:30. I know it's not that late but for both of us it is. We ended up  cleaning the house some and get dinner ready for the crock pot. Tonight we are having Slow-Cooker Hearty Beef Chili. Our house smells amazing right now. I cannot wait for dinner! Jon ended up helping our neighbor put in shop lights into his garage this afternoon. We also, went for a long walk with the boys. They had a blast. The trail was flooded but we still went through it anyways. Shooter and Hank had fun playing in the water. Jon found a crayfish that was on the trail far away from the pond. We thought it was strange. We came home to rest and eat chili. It was good. I added corn since the recipe called for it and I think it tasted great with it. I will have to use that more often. Now Jon is in the garage while I write this post. Back to work tomorrow. At least only one more day till the weekend! Yeah!