March Daily: 28

It's MONDAY! The start of a new week. I was telling Jon the other night that I wish that it was Friday again. I love having time to spend with each other. I feel like we accomplish so much when we do it together or at least I feel that way. Tonight once again I was playing around with my table top studio. Man, this is some hard stuff. The boys ended up just sleeping next to me on the floor.

I ended up making pasta tonight for dinner with a salad. It was yummy! I cannot remember the last time that I had buttered noodles for dinner. I think it is the simplest but yet filling meal for some reason. Plus I had a salad as well. I am stuffed. He is another photo that I took in my mini table top studio. Again this is with natural light but I think that I like this look a lot better than studio lights. Maybe it is because I just cannot get the hang of it. I will try again tomorrow.