March Daily: 6

Jon and I went up north to see the family. It was fun. This weekend I have re-sized some of my images on Picasa to save some storage space. That was time consuming. I still have about 2-3 other albums that I need to do. It is one photo at a time to adjust the size. I think that this might take me all week to finish. While at my mom's house she made me a mini hamburger and chili. It was tasty! 

Jon got his tank back from our friend. It turned out pretty nice. I love the pin-stripping on the tank. The bike is almost all together and ready to ride once Jon gets a new back tire. 

Jon's Cousin did the pin-stripping on his new helmet. It turned out great. Here is the side view of the helmet. 

Here is what the back looks like. Looks good! Thanks Steve for your pin-stripping! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Tonight all I am doing is trying to figure out how to make a slideshow on my Photography website. So far I have been striking out. Hopefully I will fins something. wish me luck!