March Daily: 7

Today was busy at work. Which was good. Made the day fly by. I think that Mondays are always like that since we are reacting to all the sales that happened over the weekend. Many reports to fill in as well. We had the Cheesy Potato Soup that I had made over the weekend tonight. I think that this one turned out so much better in the crock pot than the one I did on the stove. This is definitely one I will be making again.

I made some sugar cookies as well tonight. They look yummy! I will have to have Jon test them first...

And I made croutons again since I was running pretty low on my stash. I love how the house smells after these come out of the oven. Yummy! I will be having these for lunch tomorrow on top of my salad. Well off to figure out once again how to make my photography website look better.