March Daily: 9

Again today I stayed at work instead of coming home. The boys did good. Jon ended up coming home earlier than I so not sure what really happened if anything... Today was a gloomy day. The sun did not come out at all. i heard that we might get flurries tonight so hopefully not too bad. 

I once again started on a diet to lose about 10 pounds. I know its not a lot but I feel that I need to lose it since I hate the feeling of when my pants are tight. That is usually my signal to lose weight. So here I am again trying Lose It. I lost so far 6 total pounds since I started Lose It. I just need to lose about 10 more and I will be happy. We had leftovers for dinner tonight with a salad. Hopefully I can stay on track this time. I have a month to lose at least half of the weight.