April Daily: 14

Today I felt even worse. I was able to get through the day but it was hard. All I wanted to do is sleep. Only one more day and then it is the weekend! Yeah! Jon was home from work today and fixed a couple things around the house that I asked him to. Then he went for a ride on his bike. We made for dinner tonight Pulled Chicken Minis with Ranch Slaw. It was really tasty! Later this evening Jon and I went out to get coffee for him but I was on a mission to get free items. I ended up getting 2 Mrs. T Pierogies, Reach Dental Floss, Aqua Fresh Toothpaste, Bic Razors and Nivea Body Soap all for $1.88! I was shocked when I added it all up! That means I got all six items for .31 cents each! Yeah for me!