April Daily: 15, 16, 17

Well I have not posted since Thursday so I need to catch up. I am only going to do one post but I have all the days/photos in this post. Thursday Jon was off and did a little house work. It rained a little that day. We had Chicken Enchiladas for dinner. My allergies were worse so we went to Target to get some FREE allergy medicine for me. We ended up walking out of Target with 2 free items and a FoodSaver. I was excited that Jon bought it for me. I cannot wait to start using it.

On Saturday I went to get my hair colored and cut at ULTA. Then I sort of cleaned the house. I was busy trying to figure out a way to have a slide show on another website that I am building. It took me all day but I think that I finally got it. For Dinner we went to my Aunt's house to celebrate Easter early. It was great to see everyone. A little strange at the same time since this is my first holiday without my Dad. I was a little upset about it but Jon helped me through it.

Sunday was a lazy day. We woke up around 10am. I thought that I had wasted the whole day by waking up that late. We got ready I cleaned the house a little bit more. We went to see our friend/neighbor that went to get back surgery on Friday. He was doing well. Jon got a deer stand at Gander Mountain for 60 bucks. We had for dinner Venison Back strap Kabobs with Roasted Red Potatoes and Grilled Corn on the Cob. It was an amazing dinner.