April Daily: 24

HAPPY EASTER to everyone! Today we were very busy. I got up around 9am and started to work in the yard a little. Then we headed up North to my Mom's house for Easter. It was a blast. My Mom had an Easter Egg hunt for the boys. This year worked out a lot better since the boys actually found ALL the Easter eggs! Dinner was great and so was dessert. We ended up bringing the boat home so that we get get to work on it. It was strange not having my Dad there. I kept thinking that he was in the bathroom the whole time. I really miss him. I have so many questions for him about landscaping. This is the first holiday that we have celebrated without him. It was my Uncle's Birthday as well (well it is really tomorrow.) So Happy Birthday Uncle Lester! We got home around 8pm and Jon started working on the boat. We are changing the look of the boat. I cannot wait to see what the end product looks like. Well I think that it is time for bed now. I hope everyone had a great Easter like Jon, I and the boys did!