May Daily: 15

Jon and I spent the day working around the house. We went to the grocery store and to Menard's as well. I wanted to get some lattice so that I could put up so that I can get my ivy to grow up it and fill it it in. I think it turned out pretty nice.  

Here is the side view with some of my ivy plants that will be growing up the lattice. It was cold very cold today it raining a little this afternoon. The boys and I were in the house working on some work things that I needed to finish this weekend. Jon cleaned the garage up since a side Job was coming over. 

For dinner tonight we ended up having Creamy Chicken Fajitas. They were good I think that I should have made more of them for Jon to eat for lunch tomorrow. Now Jon and I are relaxing watching T.V. I still cannot believe that it is only 7:25pm right now. It has been a long day. I hope that it is a little warmer  next week.