May Daily: 24

Tonight I came home to make some Fried Chicken Tenders and French Fries. I think that next time I make this I will make it in the oven again. It was much easier to do it in there and less messy. I think Jon enjoyed it but I liked the oven ones better. 

Well I have officially taken over the dining room table with all my plants! Jon and I went to Home Depot tonight since I wanted to look for Purple Coneflowers for my garden. Well they did not have them and I was so disappointed. I had seeds of them at home but I thought that maybe they would have them in stock and I could plant them before the rain storm tomorrow. Oh well. So I did plant the seeds that I had in a starter tray. Hopefully they will sprout. I also planted some lavender and ornamental grass seeds as well. It's time for bed now. Good night everyone!