May Daily: 7

Today was the day. Jon's aunt came over and helped me in the garden. She brought me some plants from her garden to plant in mine. We did a lot of work. She helped me figure out where I should start my perennial garden. So this is just  a temporary home for these plants but once I move some more Dogwood bushes then I can replant these. 

I ended up having to move one of my bushes that was by the front door in order to fit all the plants that his Aunt gave me. I will have to move the other three as well BUt hopefully I can get this done in the next two weeks. 

Jon's Aunt had told me that these Ivy plants (not sure what the actual name of the plant is but I am going to call it Ivy.) She told me that it might be a good idea to take this plant and put up some lattice so that this ivy can grow in between it. This would soften the fence and give that side some move depth. I am truly exhausted from ALL the work that I did. There is still so much more to do but Jon and I will get it done.