May Daily: 8

Happy Mother's Day! It was so cute this morning when I woke up this morning Jon rolled over and said Happy Mother's day to me. Even though I am a doogie momma it was sweet of him to say that. This afternoon we headed up North to see our Mom's. My mom and I dug up some of her Grape Hyacinths that she had in her yard. I replanted them around one of our flowering bushes. I think it was a perfect spot.

My mom and I went to IKEA today to look around a get a few things. I needed to get more tea lights and I found some great thick plastic cutting boards. I also found this cute white frame as well. My total purchase $5.00. Not bad. I really wanted to get a new sheets for our bed but I resisted my urge. 

My mom gave me some of her Homemade granola that she made the other day. I cannot wait to try it. I think that I will have to pick up some yogurt so that I can have that for breakfast this week.

When Jon and I came home Jon mowed the lawn which needed it bad. After that we went fishing at another local fishing pond but it was way too weedy. It was neat to actually see catfish near the surface. It must be mating season for them. I wish that there was more time in the day to get things done. I must figure out what Jon and I will be having for dinners this week. I did not get a chance to go shopping for our groceries. I guess on Monday I will be grocery shopping. Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day and Weekend.