June 30, 2011

June Daily: 29

I kept think that Wednesday was actually Thursday. I think that I was too excited for this weekend. Jon and I went over to our neighbors house and saw this cute puppy over there. One of our neighbors just got a new puppy. This one is called Peanut and is only 10 weeks old. She was a cutie and could not believe how tiny she was. She was on my shoulder when Jon took this photo. 

June 28, 2011

June Daily: 28

Today felt like Wednesday or Thursday. Not sure why maybe since I am ahead in my work for the week... I came home to my boys who were so happy to see me. Hank was good today nothing was chewed up. I ended up making my first meal in a week since I broke my foot. We ended up having a Burrito Bake for dinner. It was yummy and filling. I ended up working again on my hubby's website trying to figure out how to create thumbnails. I finally figured it out but I need the thumbnails to go horizontally versus vertical. I will hopefully figure it out tonight.

June 27, 2011

June Daily: 27

Today has been a week since I broke my foot. It still hurts and the bruising is still there. My foot seems to get really swollen at work since I cannot have it at the correct height when I am working. I am still trying to figure out a way to get it to work. My mom had ended up bringing Jon and I some food for us to make for dinner. We ended up having that tonight. It was yummy!

So when I got home today from work I found this ALL CHEWED UP! Can anyone guess who did it! Yep it was Hank. I could have killed him but he could have always gotten into something far worse. So I am happy it was only this. I think that they are no use to me not being there for lunch or anything. I think Hank freaks out and that is why he chews things. Let see what he does tomorrow. Hopefully nothing! Keeping my fingers crossed!

June Daily: 26

 On Sunday we came home in the afternoon. We went over to our friend's house to have dinner. Jon ended up brushing Koda. Even though Nick had done it earlier that day. Koda is really shedding his summer coat now. I could not believe how much fur came out.

 We ended up finding a baby bird that we think fell out of the nest. Jon and Nick were trying to feed the baby bird some bread. 
We had a great meal for dinner. We had Steak, corn on the cob, roasted potatoes and french bread. It was so good!

Here is the dessert that Kim made. It was yummy! I will have to ask her for the recipe sometime to make this again. 

Here's Jon being silly! 

June Daily: 25

On Saturday my mom came out to help me out getting around. We went to a couple shops that I need to go to... The boys were so happy to see their "Grandma".  Later that night Jon and I went up North to see his brother. We ended up having a fire that night.

June 25, 2011

June Daily: 24

Last night Jon, Me, Nick and his friend Jimmy went to the Train Station to meet a potential buyer. Jon ended up selling the bike! Super excited! I think that they need to start working on the other bike that Dan has up North. 

June 23, 2011

June Daily: 23

Today was better at work. I was not as exhausted as I was the other day. I was moving around more and able to actually walk with my crutches and my walking cast. My cough is actually getting worse. I think that I need to take something quick... Jon was off today, he was so sweet to clean the whole house for me. He also made this amazing meal for dinner tonight. I was so full that I was unable to eat my salad. Well time to work on Big Poz Custom's website. 

june Daily: 22

I went back to work on Wednesday. It was a difficult day since I was so use to everything not being too far from me at home. I was exhausted after the first day back. Jon has been a huge help to me. I cannot thank him enough. I was able to finally see my X-Ray's up close. So here they are... you can see exactly where I broke my foot. 

Jon was nice to help make dinner tonight. It was quite yummy! Plus he even took the photo of our meal for me too! He said it was not as good as my photos but I think that he did quite well. Thanks Honey!

June 21, 2011

June Daily: 21

Well I ended up getting a full cast for my broken foot. Right now I have some swelling and it is hardening so it is a little painful right now. Jon was nice enough to go out and get me some medicine. I hope this pain goes away... I have to go back to the doctor in 3 weeks. Hopefully this will have fixed itself. Not sure though. At least I will be able to walk on it on thursday with a shoe. Back to work tomorrow. We shall see how that goes. No driving also for 3 weeks as well. 

June 20, 2011

June Daily: 20

This morning started out with a bang. I heard thunder rolling in at 5am so I woke Jon up to help him take down the canopy. Well I missed the last step on the stairs and I fell down. I heard a snap but I thought I was ok. By the time I got to work I knew something was not right. It was bruised and swollen. I ended up going to the ER close to work. After a couple of hours there I found our that I have a fracture in right foot. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the foot doctor to see what type of cast or boot I will have to wear.  Well time to rest a little. 

June 19, 2011

June Daily: 19

Happy Father's Day! 
I was busy all day trying not to think about my Dad. Jon was a huge help today! Thank you honey! I really miss my Dad since it is summer and I can see all the plants and flower growing around me. Somedays I feel like giving up in the yard but I know he is there to guide me through it. I do not know what I would with out Jon. He has been there through thick and thin. He is my rock and I love him so much! I did tell Jon Happy Father's Day to him since he is a doggie dad.  Jon and I ended up eating Beer Can Chicken with Roasted Potatoes and Corn on the Cob. 

Our neighbor also came over to eat dinner with us too. I ended up giving Shooter and Hank corn on the cob. It was funny to watch them eat it. Hope everyone had a great day! Back to work tomorrow... 

June Daily: 18

On Saturday I was busy working on Jon and Danny's website the whole day. Jon and I went to a couple bridal shower up north. We had some interesting food there. Some of it was great and some it was not my liking. I did try sting ray which was surprising ok. It was great to see the bride and groom together. Here are some of the photos that I took of the food. 

June Daily: 17

On Friday I had a half day from work. It was enjoyable. I love summer hours at work. For dinner Jon and I had Chicken Fingers with a salad. When I was putting the salad bowls into the dishwasher I somehow ended up breaking the bowl. Not happy! Now I have to buy another one. Hopefully they still have the same items ... Jon worked on his bike and finished the pipes on his bike. We went over to the neighbors backyard to help out with their deck. It was fun helping out with their deck. 

June 18, 2011

June Daily: 16

Thursday Jon was off and we ended up having Pork Chops. It was yummy! Jon worked in the yard and also worked on his bike as well. I have been quite busy working on their website. I am stuck right now but it is coming along. 

Here are the new pipes that Jon made. They look really good. Also, they are REALLY loud. 

June 15, 2011

June Daily: 15

My Garden is coming along nicely. I am super excited to see if everything grows and what we can actually use this year. Today was a rainy one on and off all day. But that is good since all my plants needed the rain. It was a little muggy today but not bad. 

Jon was busy working on his bike tonight in the garage. He finally finished it I think...My allergies are once again getting the better of me. I wish that they would just go away. We ended up having pizza tonight for dinner. I took a photo but I think I take way too many photos of the pizza so I thought of posting something new. 

June 14, 2011

June Daily: 14

I found this great App from the iPhone Instagram. It is an awesome app. I took this photo of Jon's bike in the garage. 

Later Jon, Nick, Kim and I went to the local car show that in Plainfield. It was great. We found this Huge Truck that I had to get Kim's photo in front of it. I even saw my old car there an Alero in gold! It was funny to see that car there in the car show but people have different ideas when it comes to cars...

Jon rode the bike that they are trying to sell out to the car show. It was in a good spot so I hope some people took a look at it and liked it. We shall see if we get any calls later this week. Keeping my fingers crossed.

June 13, 2011

June Daily: 13

Today was our first day back to work from having a week off last week. It was good to get back to work. Today was cool day here again. It was nice. I love cooler days than the really hot days. I have been working on my husband's and brother-in-law's website for their motorcycle company. I keep thinking of ideas to do but my thoughts are all over the place right now. For dinner tonight we had Chicken Fajitas with a salad. Jon is busy in the garage working on his motorcycle while I am inside watching TV with the boys. 

June Daily: 12

Sunday was our last day of vacation. We finally moved everything that needed to be moved back in the garage. It was a nice day over all. Will miss hanging out with Jon and the boys all day but must get back to work tomorrow. We ended up having roasted potatoes with chicken, and steaks with a salad.

June 12, 2011

June Daily: 11

We headed up to Green Bay to see a Train Museum. It was great. Here is a Big Boy train that we went to see for Jon's Dad. 

It was Michelle's birthday as well on Saturday! It was great we ended up finding a train car that was set up for birthday parties. 

Jon and I in front of a train car. It was a great way to spend the last few days of our vacation. 

June Daily: 10

On Friday Jon and I went to Milwaukee to see Moody Blues play at a local theater. We stayed at a gorgeous hotel. I felt like we did not belong there at all. 

The rooms were AWESOME with great views. I still cannot believe that we had a safe in our rooms as well. 

Our view from the hotel room...

June 9, 2011

June Daily: 9

Over this week we went out to the garden store and I was able to finally find my cone flowers. Jon and I only have a few more days of vacation left. 

Last night we had a TON of rain. This is only a little amount of water that was in our boat cover. I was actually scooping water out with a bucket this morning. 

This afternoon Jon and I headed over to the farmer's market at the local mall near us. We were going to pick up some beef or fish if they had some for dinner but they did not. We ended up having pasta with meatballs for dinner... 

Jon finally finished painting the garage. It turned out really nice. I think 3 bags of anti-slip works. Now we have to re-paint the first side again but I think we finally got the correct mixture for what we need. 

June Daily: 7, 8

June 7th was a busy day for us not really I cannot even remember what we did on Tuesday. We watched paint dry on the garage floor... That night Jon and I had Buffalo Chicken Burgers for dinner. They were quite tasty but I do not think that I like ground chicken the texture was different. 

Later that night Jon and I decided to have a fire. It was nice and relaxing. We even had one of our friends come over to join us. 

Since it was so hot out I gave the boys some ice water... They love ice and made a mess with all the water. 

On June 8th Jon and I prepped the other side of the garage to get it ready for painting. Nothing was working for us... For dinner we had Cheesy Meatball Subs. After dinner we went fishing and I was still not in my game... I only caught 1 fish. 

Late last night a storm rolled in. It was so bad that it started to hail. I was freaking out like normal since my car was outside and it was hailing. I cannot believe how much it rained last night. 

June 7, 2011

June Daily: 3, 4, 5, 6

I am a little behind again but I am on vacation so I guess that is ok not to post everyday. 
On Friday June 3rd Jon and I had Quick Pasta Carbonara for dinner. It was yummy! We did not do much that night since Jon still had to work on Saturday...

On Saturday June 4th Jon, I and His Dad went out to Wilmot Speedway to see Flat Track Racing. It was pretty neat to see motorcycles out a on dirt track. I was freaking out the whole time since all the racers put their foot done when going around the turns. Too scary for me...

On Sunday June 5th we came home from up north and seeing our parents. We did some things around the house. I was clipping coupons that night and Hank decided to get into them and started to make a mess in the house. He would not take the photo but Shooter was nice enough to take his place. 

Later that night Jon and I started to move and clean the garage to get it ready for Monday's paint Job. The garage was quite dirty and needed a good cleaning. Hopefully this will all work out and the floor wont scratch or anything. We shall see. 

On Monday June 6th we started the process of painting the garage floor. It was really really hot out but we still got a ton done. I was able to weed in the backyard, clean the house, plant new flowers, help out the neighbor in gardening, and water my plants. I thought we got a ton done, I am still surprised how much we did. 

Later that night Jon and I went to the city to The Tonic Room to see one of Jon's brother friend's band that was playing. They were really good! It was a great night to catch up with old and new friends that came out! I think that I am ALL caught up now.