June Daily: 19

Happy Father's Day! 
I was busy all day trying not to think about my Dad. Jon was a huge help today! Thank you honey! I really miss my Dad since it is summer and I can see all the plants and flower growing around me. Somedays I feel like giving up in the yard but I know he is there to guide me through it. I do not know what I would with out Jon. He has been there through thick and thin. He is my rock and I love him so much! I did tell Jon Happy Father's Day to him since he is a doggie dad.  Jon and I ended up eating Beer Can Chicken with Roasted Potatoes and Corn on the Cob. 

Our neighbor also came over to eat dinner with us too. I ended up giving Shooter and Hank corn on the cob. It was funny to watch them eat it. Hope everyone had a great day! Back to work tomorrow...