June Daily: 27

Today has been a week since I broke my foot. It still hurts and the bruising is still there. My foot seems to get really swollen at work since I cannot have it at the correct height when I am working. I am still trying to figure out a way to get it to work. My mom had ended up bringing Jon and I some food for us to make for dinner. We ended up having that tonight. It was yummy!

So when I got home today from work I found this ALL CHEWED UP! Can anyone guess who did it! Yep it was Hank. I could have killed him but he could have always gotten into something far worse. So I am happy it was only this. I think that they are no use to me not being there for lunch or anything. I think Hank freaks out and that is why he chews things. Let see what he does tomorrow. Hopefully nothing! Keeping my fingers crossed!