June Daily: 3, 4, 5, 6

I am a little behind again but I am on vacation so I guess that is ok not to post everyday. 
On Friday June 3rd Jon and I had Quick Pasta Carbonara for dinner. It was yummy! We did not do much that night since Jon still had to work on Saturday...

On Saturday June 4th Jon, I and His Dad went out to Wilmot Speedway to see Flat Track Racing. It was pretty neat to see motorcycles out a on dirt track. I was freaking out the whole time since all the racers put their foot done when going around the turns. Too scary for me...

On Sunday June 5th we came home from up north and seeing our parents. We did some things around the house. I was clipping coupons that night and Hank decided to get into them and started to make a mess in the house. He would not take the photo but Shooter was nice enough to take his place. 

Later that night Jon and I started to move and clean the garage to get it ready for Monday's paint Job. The garage was quite dirty and needed a good cleaning. Hopefully this will all work out and the floor wont scratch or anything. We shall see. 

On Monday June 6th we started the process of painting the garage floor. It was really really hot out but we still got a ton done. I was able to weed in the backyard, clean the house, plant new flowers, help out the neighbor in gardening, and water my plants. I thought we got a ton done, I am still surprised how much we did. 

Later that night Jon and I went to the city to The Tonic Room to see one of Jon's brother friend's band that was playing. They were really good! It was a great night to catch up with old and new friends that came out! I think that I am ALL caught up now.